5 Things You Didn’t Know About Watches

The watch is an item of jewellery that adorns many people’s wrists each and every day. Stylish as well as functional, vintage Rolex watches can add a touch of elegance to any outfit, as well as any other well-designed watch. There are some facts which people may not know about this classic piece, so take a look at our 5 facts that you probably didn’t know.


1 – The wristwatch was first designed for women

The first wristwatch was made by Patek Philippe of Switzerland for Countess Koscowica of Hungary, in 1868. It was tied on with ribbons and was intended to be a piece of decorative jewellery. This did not go down well with the gentlemen of the day, as they preferred pocket watches. Men’s wristwatches only became a fad during World War l, when soldiers realised how practical they were whilst carrying out newly timed artillery attacks.

2 – Diving watches are tested until they implode.

The Rolex Submariner, which was worn by Sean Connery in the bond films, and was the first watch to be water resistant down to 100m. In fact, it is still considered to be the most wearable diving watch of today. Rolex tests each Deepsea in a 1.3 tonne hyperbaric chamber. This chamber stimulates the pressure at 4,875m. It is an expensive process, as the tiniest flaw can make the watch implode.

Meanwhile, the Swiss firm Clerc, are actually strapping their next generation of diving watches to submarines. So, you should be fine wearing it in the shower!

3 – The first sports watch was worn by polo players.

Polo was always referred to as a ‘gentleman’s sport‘, however the game isn’t so gentlemanly. Players tend to get whacked by 4ft mallets and hit over the head by rock-hard balls that can ping off in any direction. Therefore, watchmaker, Jacques-David LeCoultre was challenged to design a tough watch to withstand this game. It featured an ingenious case that flipped over to protect the glass. The world’s top polo players still rely on these to time a seven-minute chukker.

4 – Watches are often pre-set to show 10:10

Why is this? Well, when displayed at that time the hand on watch resembles a smiley face. This will help to subconsciously raise the customer’s mood, which apparently makes them more inclined to make a purchase.

It has also been said that it is set to this time so the hands are not overlapping, and that they are clearly visible and won’t get in the way of watches logo.

5 – NASA has only ever approved one “moon watch”.

The modern Omega watch is almost identical to the one worn by Buzz Aldrin in 1969. Neil Armstrong actually left his behind in the lunar module! This watch is still the only one ever to be approved by NASA. The Omega was chosen as it was the only timepiece to survive NASA’s testing. Other watches had problems like melting.

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